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Fastest and easiest way to get insights from your Hubspot data

Get instant insights from your Hubspot data without report building or manual data preparation with the power of  search and AI based analytics

Change the way you do marketing analytics

Progress is based on actionable information. Marketers must take action at the right time and in the right channel.

Madtrix enables automatic reports, insights, and analytics with one powerful, centralized, and automated marketing data platform. Connect data sources and let Madtrix do the rest.

Marketing gives the power of search and AI based analytics for ad hoc analysis and insight for all of your team members.

Marketing analytics and data platform

From data source to dashboards: manage, analyze & report your data from one platform.

Collects, stores & unifies all your data.

By connecting your marketing data sources to Madtrix you start collecting your data to one universal location. It then automatically fetches, stores & unifies the data.

Our complete SaaS solution is always customized for the client in terms of data sources and dashboard needs. Our solution involves a tool and services to prosper with marketing data.


Communicate with data through visualized dashboards

Madtrix gives you easy-to-use dashboards with instant shareability. Marketing teams can have data-based communication internally and with other functions such as sales and IT. Connecting teams, systems and partners establish a transparent channel based on actual data.

Visualized data is the most powerful medium to communicate your actions & achievements to stakeholders. 

Make investments, not losses

The biggest impact is done when you know where to invest your resources. Don't throw lose your expertise to hunt data from disparate sources or building reports.

Have the correct, up-to-date data at your disposal to know what has happened and to make correct decisions for the future. Madtrix's dashboards gives you the power to steer your marketing into the right direction.


Centralize & manage your data

Centralize all of your digital marketing data & performance data to one platform.

Use Madtrix's powerful data management capabilities to map campaigns, conversions & customers and understand metrics & results directly related to your business important marketing data. Madtrix's data mapping makes digital marketing measurement, analysis & reporting a powerful tool for your data-driven marketing.

Get fast time-to-value with your digital marketing channels

Investing in the right analytics & reporting marketing platform is an important process. Having quality and clean data from all the channels is crucial for the results.

By connecting your digital marketing channels and exporting relevant offline information by default gives you fast time-to-value investment form the platform.

The channels you are using the data you produce so why not grow your business with it too? 

Are you ready to enhance your marketing with the benefits of data?

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