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The complete picture from your brand's performance, ROI and customers

Your brand is the mean for your clients to relate to your company. It's the most important asset to make your business grow. How you can develop a business if you don't know how your brand is effecting your prospects & customers and how your overall marketing is performing?

Power up your team & partners with marketing analytics to communicate with knowledge and data - get better business decisions in return.

Performing marketing means better business results

Marketing Performance Analytics

Marketing consists of a complex set of tools. The amount and complexity of data are problems for modern marketers. By bringing all the data in one unified platform takes the guesswork out of the equation.


Unifying the performances of online, offline, paid, owned, organic, email, web analytics and all other parts of your marketing mix will provide transparency to your marketing operations.

Brand & product performance

The brand a company is the face and manners, the way your clients and target customers see and interact with you. It's incremental to keep tabs on how your actions perform and optimize marketing based on that.


With unified data flow from different channels consisting of all the important performance data, you can start to make better decisions regarding products, services and the brand in general.

All the channels, all the results

Understanding your brands' effect in the complex jungle of marketing channels is complicated without correct solutions. Yet, it's vital for your business performance to harness the rewards of your brand and develop it to win more customers.


Madtrix lets you connect all of your marketing channels and understand the brand performance across your marketing mix.

Manage your data

Collecting & visualizing data is the first step to start data-driven marketing. How do you know if your omnichannel campaigns perform as well as wanted or which channel converts the best?

Madtrix's powerfull data management capabilities enable you to manage your data better. Start understanding your omnichannel campaigns better and seeing real cross-channel results from conversion data. Manage & grow.

Centralize your marketing data and make better decisions with

one solution

Madtrix enhances brands to make decisions based on data from all of their digital marketing channels. Our solution is developed to serve marketers on all levels of an organization to get actionable insights to ensure the growth of conversions, engagement & awareness and serve customers better.

Most importantly: we give marketers the ability, solution, and expertise to grow digital marketing results with data.

Madtrix provides you with tools + expertise

Businesses are different. They have different KPIs, goals, visions et cetera. We are not just providing a new tool into your marketing stack but we want to help you to integrate the data in your process of decision making.


We serve every company's individual needs: you might only need standard SaaS Madtrix deployment to collect and visualize data or the holistic end-to-end solution from the data source to dashboards with custom data services and strategical implementation. We have what you need.

We are here for our customers.

“Co-operation is very smooth and both the Product and Services are meeting our high expectations. Already during the solution consultancy phase, it became clear that we have chosen the right professionals to help with our project.”

Jukka Virtanen, Valio

“Thanks to Madtrix, we now have one common way of reporting KPIs and have them within reach of all our representatives online”

Turo Pikkarainen, Pfizer

Are you ready to develop your marketing performance with data & insights?

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