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Managed Services: Marketing data analyst team to help you ask the right questions and get the right answers from your data

Our Managed Services team is your trusted partner in making your data tell stories and getting answers to your questions. We provide you with high quality data so you can focus on executing marketing and using your intuition with precise decisions based on facts not opinions or hunches.

"With Madtrix, we have managed to shift from
'what has happened' to 'what should we do'"


The Plane and the pilot

We believe that the best results are achieved when humans and modern technology work seamlessly together.

The Pilot

Our managed services team skills include marketing, sales, data engineering, programming and business/customer analytics. Our background is in combining business, data and analytics in many industries. We deliver answers to your questions as reports, visualizations, dashboards with explanation, done for you so you can focus on the results. 


The Plane

We  can make your data tell valuable business stories. No matter if you area doing lead gen, demand gen or revops, we integrate and improve your data to an asset where data and analytics can be connected to business value. Automated data collection and elimination of manual data preparation and reporting tasks saves you time and improves your teams efficiency.

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Whatever the problem, we can find the solution

Partner with our Managed Services team to solve a variety of today's most pressing marketing data challenges.


Marketing data and technology is complex. The top 4 impediments hindering marketing team’s success with analytics are:

  • Manual data pulls and preparation takes too much time

  • Inability to connect data and analytics to business value

  • Inability to connect analysis to insights

  • Data is not integrated


We can immediately take a way your manual reporting tasks and do them for you and automate what needs to be automated. Many out of the box tools can't handle highly customized setups, but as a managed service with best of breed tools and skills we can.


Make your data more valuable

Most companies are not systematically building a data asset that has value. Marketing stack is not used to its full potential and often have either missing, or tool centric taxonomy setup instead of customer centric one.

We'll make sure the marketing and sales data stack will be transformed to produce data that supports business decisions for the long term. This begins to produce return on the investments already made to your marketing and sales technology right a way.

Some of the tasks needed for improving data quality and asset

  • Setup customers buying process centric taxonomy

  • Automate manual data preparation and reporting tasks 

  • Find the solutions to collect and integrate needed data to bridge the measurement gaps.

  • Find new data sources to enrich the data

  • Define processes and tools to collect contextual data and enrich data with metadata

  • Take data ownership. Manage data stack to produce valuable data.

Answers to your questions

We help you ask the right questions and find the answers for you. Continuously analyzing your marketing data we can provide insights for you to improve performance.

You'll have insights customized for you when ever you need them. Metrics you want to follow are always available.

You can always find insights shared by team members by using our "consumer like experience" search engine for data and insights. Search data content like you use a search engine or your favorite app, no technical skills or special data scientist tools required.


You'll get insights on topics like:

  • Analysing customer journey and buyer path

  • Cross channel media buying/campaign efficiency

  • Funnel/conversion optimization

  • Lead generation and lead quality

  • Revenue optimization

  • Customer experience

  • Bridging measurement gaps

  • Data quality, data modeling and transformation


 Get the team on the same page on marketing and sales strategy and processes, business objectives, core indicators and level of activities and effectiveness which connects data and analytics to enterprise value 


We analyze the data in your marketing stack and continuously provide recommendations on how to setup taxonomy, improve tracking and measurement and how to align the improvements to the marketing processes. 


We continuously analyze your data and provide you insights extracted from your data by our team and also by artificial intelligence based analysis. Our technology learns from the feedback and provides you with better personalized insights the more data and more usage there are. 


Our team is always available via online channels and weekly support meetings to get you answers to your questions. We provide you with dashboards, data visualizations and a data search engine to find insights saved by our team as well as your own team, 


"We like it how Team Madtrix interacts with us: they are always available for us, helping us with the solution & they will always listen to our development ideas.”


Sophie Allen, Deepdelta

“Co-operation is very smooth and both the Product and Services are meeting our high expectations. Already during the solution consultancy phase, it became clear that we have chosen the right professionals to help with our project.”

Jukka Virtanen, Valio


Are you ready to develop your marketing performance with data & insights delivered for you?

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