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About us

We help our clients to get better business results with benefits of measured marketing, data & analytics.

Madtrix is a marketing data platform that automatically processes and utilizes the data for our clients: marketers looking to benefit from data. Automated data, analytics & reporting can be harnessed through intelligent connections to data sources and automated data warehousing & unifying before visualized dashboards.

We want our customers to prosper with data-driven marketing.

Here's our story.

On a perfectly normal day in the year 2015, a group of tech-savvy people came up with the question: "why the heck all the marketers must have custom-build marketing platforms or astounding amount of tools to get their marketing data in use?". It sounds incredible, doesn't it?

Our people’s expertise made Madtrix reality. We are a SaaS product company, developing and offering a Data Platform for Marketing Performance Analytics for our brand, media publishing, eCommerce and marketing agency customers. We help companies with their own data with fast time-to-value solutions and services.


Madtrix makes marketing’s overall business impact concrete and it gives companies' the advantages from data and analytics for any company looking to make their marketing more data-driven. 

The Madtrix brand span-off from IT company called Avarea in April 2018. We are headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Our clientele is international so welcome aboard for better marketing results from anywhere you are.

We want to serve data-driven marketing growth possibilities for all forward-thinking companies.

Our mission

Jouni Leskinen


The driving force and original founder of Madtrix. Jouni has a plentiful of experience from marketing data, analytics, & data warehouses and of course from start-ups. He's master of understanding the customers' needs and offering the right value to cater to them.

Janne Vento

Software Engineer

Experienced and skillful software guru taking care of the wellbeing and development of Madtrix. Janne has a proven track record of solving *every* tricky situation that has occurred in our software process. Hardly any, or course.  

Juska Glán

Business Development Executive

Our commercial lead has a strong background in sales & marketing and a real eye for helping and supporting customers and other stakeholders. A couple laughs here and there are guaranteed along the way.

If you wish to have help with your marketing data process: contact through your chosen medium from below.

Phone: +358 44 752 68 42

Visalakshi Kuttalam


Information coming soon!

This is what our customers are saying from us:

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"We like it how Team Madtrix interacts with us: they are always available for us, helping us with the solution & they will always listen to our development ideas.”

Sophie Allen, Dievision

“Thanks to Madtrix, we now have one common way of reporting KPIs and have them within reach of all our representatives online”

Turo Pikkarainen, Pfizer

"From the very beginning, it has been easy to co-operate with Madtrix. Our companies’ experiences and offerings complement each other perfectly, thus we have been able to build value-added solutions for our customers."

Mailis Oraskoski, Latua Group

“Madtrix allows us to deliver an automated and efficient service to our customers to support data-driven business development and grow customer value.”

Sami Oittinen, Terve Media

Rautatieläisenkatu 6, 00520 Helsinki, Finland