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On a perfectly normal day in the year 2015, a group of tech-savvy people faced a question during a customer project: "why the heck all marketers must have custom-build marketing data warehouse solutions and/or an astounding amount of tools to get their marketing data in use?"

The group had noticed that companies use a lot of time, money, and effort to establish data warehouses, connectors, and reporting/analytics which, in the end, were usually hard to use, expensive, and required *a lot* of resources to function. To top it off: how does a marketer create value with the solution to call it and investment?

One of the persons of the said group was Jouni, our CEO.  He envisioned a solution that could take the data from marketing apps across the departments, automatically transform and model the data and give business users the ability to quickly get insights to make better decisions that drive business growth. It was time to give marketers the best means to make data-driven decisions.

The same vision drives us forward today. We've seen how painful it is for marketers to use data and communicate their value. That is something that we want to change. We are on a mission to transform businesses data driven with analytics that truly drives better decisions and business results.

Our mission

transform businesses data driven with analytics that truly drives better decisions and business results

This is what our customers are saying from us:

"We like it how Team Madtrix interacts with us: they are always available for us, helping us with the solution & they will always listen to our development ideas.”

Sophie Allen, Dievision

“Thanks to Madtrix, we now have one common way of reporting KPIs and have them within reach of all our representatives online”

Turo Pikkarainen, Pfizer

"From the very beginning, it has been easy to co-operate with Madtrix. Our companies’ experiences and offerings complement each other perfectly, thus we have been able to build value-added solutions for our customers."

Mailis Oraskoski, Latua Group

“Madtrix allows us to deliver an automated and efficient service to our customers to support data-driven business development and grow customer value.”

Sami Oittinen, Terve Media

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