Grow revenue  by focusing on the customer journey across marketing sales and customer success operations

and applications

Madtrix Data Warehouse as a service connects your digital advertising platforms such as Facebook, Adform, Google Ads and Display&Video 360 to your Web Analytics,  CRM and Customer Success applications. You get fully automated data platform and benefits of data driven sales and marketing which enables you to systematically drive revenue. 


Centralize data and automate marketing intelligence without data silos. Make insights accessible for all internal and external stakeholders.


Identify your ideal customers and their journey. Optimize your customer experience for maximum customer value and customer lifetime value. Acquire more ideal customers


Increase operational efficiency through automated data management and KPIs. Don't get stuck to manual data preparation and maintaining tech. Focus on driving revenue.


 Could your results and processes be even better? We have the right data science and BI people to support your growth.  Ask more about our marketing profitability services. 

Manage your data in a way that it can be used to systematically drive revenue and growth

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Map customer journeys and funnels to gain single view to the customer over departments and systems 

Map customer journeys across functions and systems, from acquisition channels all the way through website and sales to retention and referrals. Identify your ideal customers and optimize your customer journey actions to get more of them. Optimize customer experience to drive loyalty and increase life time value.

Grow revenue with data organized aroung customer journey

The fastest way to double your revenue is to increase revenue per customer or number of customers and preferably both. The money runs in the customer journey and your analytics should be arranged in a way that instead of isolated data points you can identify meaningful next steps to grow revenue. 


Manage accounts and campaigns to get cross platform view and reference data for performance

Connect accounts to business units to get organizational view to your performance. Define cross platform campaigns, set budgets and KPI targets for campaigns to understand where you are compared to your goals. Add information to campaign data to increase the value of data.


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