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Automated marketing dashboards: make data do the work for you.

Let's have a discussion on how to use marketing data to create value.

We will provide you an instantly scalable real-time analytics and reporting to help you make better decisions in optimizing and growing your ad platform mix's performance.

Would you like to discuss your marketing data and dashboard needs?

Here are some key reasons why experts book a time

  • No obligation personal consultation with Madtrix expert

  • Discuss your challenges in your business context

  • Learn more about marketing data and analytics

What to expect:

  • Evaluating your situation, needs, and challenges

  • Having your questions and thoughts answered

  • Establishing a mutual understanding of the best next steps

Get meaningful dashboards for

reporting and analytics.

Build, customize and distribute your dashboards

Modern paid digital advertising is full of KPIs, metrics, tactics. We simplify the process by giving you a dashboard for your needs and then you can customize and build it as you want.

Madtrix dashboards give you the possibility to really analyze, understand and optimize all of your paid advertising in one central location.

One platform for your digital marketing advertising dashboards

Unified dashboards based on your paid digital marketing advertising is the most important part of understanding how your paid advertising is functioning. The business value does not come from assumptions, it comes from the analysis.

Madtrix gathers automatically all the data from your connected source systems, stores, unifies and distributes it to the dashboards. Share visualized reports and analytics with your important stakeholders and make better decisions based on your performance data.


We help our clients to bring data to dashboards.


"We like it how Team Madtrix interacts with us: they are always available for us, helping us with the solution & they will always listen to our development ideas."

Sophie Allen, Dievision

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