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Turn your costly customer reporting into competitive advantage

Create more value to your customers and improve operational efficiency with fully automated analytics which adapts to your customers. 


Your clients want you to be an expert in marketing and drive results If your planners are hacking together many tools like data connectors and visualization tools and using spreadsheets, renaming of campaigns and utm tagging to get the data into usable form for cross platform reporting and spending a lot of time to manage that process M  


Make your agency's day more efficient

& your clients happier.

Automated reporting & analytics

Automate your manual processes and use correct KPIs to use time efficiently and establish better results for your clients. Take the strain of gathering data, transforming figures, and building reports out of your agency.


Optimize results & serve your clients better with automated data

Madtrix Platform collects all the data to one place and makes it easy for you and your team to understand the exact situation of conversions, and results of different customers, campaigns, and ads.

Automated dashboards make it efficient and easy to communicate throughout the customer and project cycle.

Why Madtrix?

You want to serve your customers better and we want to help you do that.

We have been serving agency clients successfully from the start of Madtrix.  Our intention is to help you to focus to grow your business by doing only productive agency work.

Data-driven agencies trust us


"We like it how Team Madtrix interacts with us: they are always available for us, helping us with the solution & they will always listen to our development ideas."

Sophie Allen, Dievision

Outperform your competition & make your clients happy with better results.

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