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Don't chase data,

use your time for growth.

Connect your marketing channels, teams & partners for transparent marketing performance measurement.

Become a better data-driven marketer with the capability to develop your performance and ROI through automated data and insights.


Our customers grow with data

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Marketing analytics for better marketing performance transparency.

The automated SaaS end-to-end data platform for digital marketing data

Madtrix platform connects, collects, unifies, and visualizes your data from programmatic buying, ad platforms, social media, and web analytics. Start managing your data with Madtrix's powerful data management capabilities and bring all of your data together in a unified view.

Data platform for automated dashboards

Bring all of your marketing data in one location from your digital marketing sources to automate your reporting and analytics.

Giver your team, stakeholders, or customers the best possible access to your metrics and KPIs from one automated dashboard.

Are you interested to grow your business with marketing & data?

Ready-to-use digital marketing schemas directly your Snowflake

Help your company to be more efficient and take all the strain from custom build integrations and data mangling.

Madtrix saves your resources with the direct integration from the system to Snowflake data warehouse with top of the class connectors.

Communicate with your marketing ecosystem with one platform

Centralized data opens you the possibility to distribute information transparently across all of your important stakeholders.

Change in personnel or a new marketing partner does not erase the knowledge, past results, or expertise anymore.  The time of custom build legacy systems is over.


What makes Madtrix different?

Madtrix is the one source of truth for your marketing data, KPIs, decisions & RoI. Our automated platform gives you the control to connect, analyze and report across stakeholders, teams, channels & campaigns.

Cross-platform data & reporting

Build your own dashboards for insights and analytics or let us help! Offer visibility to results and have them communicated to right stakeholders-

Your business-relevant KPIs

Gain transparent 360-degree visibility into your channels and channels with data. Get all the important information from your marketing to drive better ROI.

Centralize, unify and own your data 

All of your digital marketing data stored and unified in one secure location. Utilize your whole marketing mix for better results. Better yet: own your data and analyze & distribute it.

Automatize data & reporting

Free your resources from manual data mining and sampling. Get automatized data pipelines to gather and store the data + automatically refreshed dashboards.

We guarantee support for you

We'll maintain & develop the solution and support you to guarantee your success with the solution.

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