Instantly discover valuable insights hidden in your marketing data without any technical skills.

Madtrix Search and AI transforms the data from your marketing applications into searchable and interactive visualizations in seconds. Stop spending hours with piles of spreadsheets and pulling custom reports from tens of tools and start extracting actionable insights right away. No coding or high-priced data scientists needed.

Madtrix integrates with:


Adform, Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Campaing Manager, Google Display & Video 360, Hubspot, LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Pages, Salesforce, Marketo, Smart Adserver, Liana Mailer and many more.

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“It’s amazing! All marketing data in one place. I can just start searching the data and easily uncover my own insights and pin them into a report super fast.”

Save 99% of time analyzing data and move it to executing marketing. Easy-to-use search and discovery tools such as search data, search answers, liveboards and AI driven insights gives both the data-savvy and non-techies alike the power to quickly make sense of their marketing data across platforms. Do remarkable marketing through deeper insights like never before.

Watch how to dig deep in to your marketing data with Madtrix!

How it works


Connect to marketing applications

Connect to your marketing applications like Google Analytics, Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn or any data source. Madtrix brings all data in one place and makes the platforms talk to each other.


Search data and save insights to liveboards

Search data like you use a search engine. Pin results to liveboards and follow key metrics as they update over time. Drill down anywhere to the finest detail in the data and build reports in minutes instead of days with no technical knowledge required.


Find insights and reports saved by others

Easily share your insights with your team and use data search engine to find insights saved by others. Artificial intelligence suggests you what to focus on an learns form your actions and feedback making you instantly a data expert.


Uncover hidden insights with AI

Artificial intelligence automatically uncovers personalized insights and delivers them to you in seconds. Its like the power of thousand analysts in your hand. Get answers to the questions you didn't think about asking.

Make precise Data-Driven Marketing Decisions based on insights from your marketing data, not hunches or opinions.

Madtrix helps you discover new ways to improve performance and drill down anywhere from business goals to core indicators and activities all the way to the finest detail in data. Whether it’s marketing leaders proving the value of marketing, frontline marketers improving ROI and customer experience, marketing analysts and operation pros finding the true driver behind last month’s surge in conversions, or tuning media buying as efficient as possible by pinpointing key performance outliers; Madtrix empowers marketers to make better decisions quickly and without any technical knowledge.


Search & AI Driven analytics so advanced and easy-to-use, you will never go back to spreadsheet marketing reports again.

Easily craft your own narratives with data.  Conduct complex data queries with ease with the power of search and AI. No more predefined drill down paths and jumping between dozens of tools to analyze paid advertising, organic social media posts, CRM revenue opportunities, lead generation, media buying, cross channel marketing campaigns, the possibilities are endless. Madtrix can integrate various platforms to talk to each other and search and execute dozens of insight-detection algorithms on billions of rows of data. Madtrix learns what’s important and tunes its algorithms to provide more relevant insights. The more people and data in Madtrix, the smarter it gets.

Share insights with your team, find insights shared by others.

Save your newly discovered answers and quickly share it with others. All the answers are searchable with Madtrix consumer grade search never seen before in professional life. It takes only a few seconds to create bar charts, time series, heatmaps, and more. The recipients receive a live view that they can conduct further queries on and collaborate with you. No more sending screenshots via email or messaging tool, searching for spreadsheets from email and shared folders, superior teamwork and huge improvement in the whole team’s efficiency.

Uncover root causes with artificial intelligence

Uncovers Anomalies

Identify unusual patterns that do not conform to expected behavior.

Identifies Leading Indicators

Identify causal relationships between business drivers and outcomes.

Isolates Trends

Analyze business data over time to identify consistent patterns in noisy data.

Segments Data

Identify similarities and differences between groups of data.

Jouni Leskinen

Co-Founder and CEO Madtrix


Back in the days when we used to do a lot of business dashboard and marketing warehouse projects, it quite often seemed like the project would never end. We realized that when building dashboards there is this infinite loop between business people and data analytics experts that slowly consumes a huge amount of time. It’s because one person knows the business inside and out and the other knows technology inside and out. This is especially true in marketing, the data is complex and marketing is a skill that rarely exists in the same person who knows BI and analytics tools well. That’s why we created Madtrix—to help anyone uncover their own relevant insights on what is driving marketing performance and being able to go from business metrics to the finest detail of data, and without special data science knowledge or having to wait for custom reports.”

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