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Business ready centralized and integrated marketing and sales data.

Madtrix centralizes and integrates your fragmented marketing and sales data and refines it with context. Connect your favorite tools and start analyzing and getting insights right away. 

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"We like it how Team Madtrix interacts with us: they are always available for us, helping us with the solution & they will always listen to our development ideas.”

Sophie Allen, Dievision

“Co-operation is very smooth and both the Product and Services are meeting our high expectations. Already during the solution consultancy phase, it became clear that we have chosen the right professionals to help with our project.”

Jukka Virtanen, Valio

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Centralize fragmented marketing and sales data with ease.

Eliminate fragmented data, silos and error prone manual data processing which consumes a huge amount of time and forces teams to work with aggregated low quality data. With Madtrix taking care of data processing you can have fun with analyzing data.

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Turn your marketing and sales data into business results.

Add and manage business context to the data integrated from various sources for use cases like

  • Connecting marketing data to CRM data

  • Lead to revenue

  • Cross channel campaigns

  • Advanced taxonomy

  • Segmented funnels based on business dimensions and activities.

No coding required. Our managed services team is there to help you and creates integrated dataset for your specific new use cases when needed. 

Connect your your favorite tools for insights.

Connect your favorite BI/visualization tool to high quality integrated data for deep insights or export data to data warehouse. Our managed services team makes sure you can use your marketing and sales stack to its fullest potential and get everything out of the data.

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Jouni Leskinen

Co-Founder and CEO Madtrix

Back in the days when we used to do a lot of business dashboard and marketing warehouse projects, it quite often seemed like the project would never end. We realized that when building dashboards there is this infinite loop between business people and data analytics experts for changes that slowly consumes a huge amount of time. This is especially true in marketing, the data is complex, there is a lot of data sources and data needs added context to make it actionable. That’s why we created Madtrix—to help anyone get high quality data to uncover their own relevant insights on what is driving marketing performance and make better data driven business decisions”

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