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Turn your marketing data to better insights & decisions.

Connect your marketing channels, teams & performance with speed, ROI, insights & data. Madtrix marketing data platform helps you to grow your marketing with data.


We help our clients to grow

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What makes Madtrix different?

Madtrix is the one source of truth for your marketing data, KPIs, decisions & RoI. Our automated platform gives you the control to connect, analyze and report across stakeholders, teams, channels & campaigns.

Build & share

meaningful dashboards

Build your own dashboards for insights and analytics or let us help! Offer visibility to results and have them communicated to right stakeholders-

Make better

decisions based on actionable data.

Gain transparent 360-degree visibility into your channels with data. Get all the important information from your marketing to drive better ROI.

Centralize, unify and own your data 

All of your marketing data stored and unified in one secure location. Utilize your whole marketing mix for better results. Better yet: own your data.

Manage your data and gain transparency

Manage your data with Madtrix's powerful management tools. Track omnichannel campaigns, conversions and customers.

We guarantee support for you

We'll maintain & develop the solution and support you to guarantee your success with the solution.

Better decisions need the best data:

we help you to get it.

Automated analytics & insights in one location under your management

Modern digital marketing is complex. The abundance of metrics, data, sources & customers ensures that marketing teams are having a hard time to make sense from it all.


Our platform connects, collects, unifies and visualizes your data. Start managing your data with Madtrix's powerful data management capabilities.


Immediate insights & analytics with ease

Building a solution to solve the marketing teams' data needs required months and a lot of money in the past. It was a simultaneous challenge for marketing and IT department.


This drains the overall business impact of marketing. Madtrix SaaS technology makes it possible for your team to start using data immediately and take the strain from your IT team. We take care of everything.

Your team & needs in the focus

We provide the software. Sometimes our clients require the resources and support to make a strategic and operative leap with marketing data.


We ensure full support for our clients to guarantee success with their marketing data, analytics, and reporting. Our motivation is to help experts and the decision-makers to start doing data-driven marketing, not just talk about it.


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