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Our pricing is made to serve your needs.

We will form a perfect plan based on your needs. Our transparent pricing model ensures that you only invest in solving your needs, nothing else.

We customize our platform to our client's needs. That's why we also think that our customers should always have pricing reflecting on their needs & that's it.

Madtrix pricing is based on multiple criteria including a number of data sources/integrations, users & additional needs (custom data modeling, custom sources, custom manipulation among others).

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Why work with Madtrix:

  • Make better results and decisions with automated analytics & reporting​

  • Own your data & have a transparent view of your marketing mix

  • Never again lose data and analytics expertise when one of your experts leaves

  • Eliminate multiple manual tools such as visualization tool + connector tool + API from your process

  • Communicate marketing's achievements & trends with important stakeholders

  • Solve your current needs & build for the future with the possibility to connect your additional marketing channels & solve advanced marketing data needs

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