Pricing to help your profitability

We will form a perfect plan based on your needs. Our transparent pricing model ensures that you only invest in solving your needs, nothing else.



Get your data automatically in one location for marketing measurement, analytics and stakeholder communication. Get more efficient and transparent processes.


Automate your marketing analytics. Let Madtrix do the heavy lifting from getting and managing data to analytics. Focus on profitable decisions and tasks.


Let your experts do the profitable and motivating work and leave the unproductive tasks for Madtrix. Get the right data in your business context to produce better ROI in your business context.


Are you not satisfied with your analytics and reporting? Could your results and processes be even better? We have the right data science and BI people to support your growth.  

What our data-driven client says

"We like it how Team Madtrix interacts with us: they are always available for us, helping us with the solution & they will always listen to our development ideas.”

Sophie Allen, Dievision


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Perfect for teams & SMBs

  • Transparent performance measurement and optimization

  • Automated end-to-end marketing data platform

  • Bespoke integrations

  • Automated reporting and analytics suite

  • Dedicated Customer Success

Free onboarding


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The best fit for agencies looking to scale efficiency and automation

  • Scale with customers

  • Automated end-to-end marketing data platform

  • Bespoke integrations

  • Automated reporting and analytics suite

  • Dedicated Customer Success

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Starting at

€ 1390

per month

For large deployments

  • Automated end-to-end marketing data platform

  • All available data integrations

  • Automated reporting and analytics suite

  • Unlimited data history

  • Professional services

  • Bespoke Onboarding and Customer Success

Free proof of concept included


We customize our platform to our client's needs.

Pricing is always reflected in our needs.


The process starts with a chat about your situation and needs you are looking to cater and problems you're looking to solve.

Our aim is to get a mutual understanding of your situation and then solve your problems.

Our customers grow with data

Madtrix Customer - Dagmar.png

Why work with us:

  • Get transparent data ownership without data silos

  • Establish a fully automated data process from sources to your needs: BI-dashboards, databases, integrations...

  • Bring your stakeholders together with accessible information

  • Scale with your operations and incorporate data into your business

  • Serve the right data to the right audience

  • Stop manual data digging and invest your expertise to results

Frequently asked questions

Are you GDPR compliant?

We are highly focused to be compliant with GDPR and other data related topics. The data is always crypted on the move and in rest. On top of that, we only use cloud services with highest possible safety standards. Your data is always safe with us.

What about the support?

Always part of the subscription, partner. Support and customer success are always part of Madtrix subscription. On top of that, we provide professional services to help you out with data, analytics, dashbboards and more. Ask more from us.

How does Madtrix differ from traditional reporting?

Traditional reporting is manual and focuses on the past. Advanced data benefits lie in automation and profitability + future based analytics. We help companies on different maturity levels to reach their potential through marketing results.

Do you have a pricing for agency?

Most certainly. Contact us for more information.

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