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Analyzing your PPC

performance from

one location.

Madtrix combines the most important paid ad data from your most crucial channels (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Adform, DoubleClick, and Google Analytics) to one analytics platform for an end-to-end solution for your analytics and reporting needs.

The business value does not come from assumptions, it comes from the analysis.

Madtrix automates your advertising reporting and analytics.

Take the data-driven decision making from a buzzword to reality.

Start data-driven marketing with automated analytics & reporting

Madtrix is the platform for marketing professionals looking to:

  • Analyze their cross-platform marketing for better results

  • Serve their stakeholders with better, automated reporting through a transparent channel

  • Visualize their marketing KPIs, metrics and performance to grow their business results

Madtrix gives you

  • Automated connections from  platforms to Madtrix to collect, store, unify, model and visualize the data from advertising platforms

  •  Automated analytics & reporting

  • Full support to succeed with a platform

We help our clients to grow with data

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