Discovery call:

how can we help you?

Make better decisions based on data. We help you to achieve it.

Let's go through your pains and problems together and see if we can help you.

Discovery call for understanding marketing analytics and data.

What will we achieve with the call:

  • No obligation personal consultation with Madtrix expert

  • Get recommendations (go further with Madtrix, company X or without a solution)

  • Have your marketing data and analytics questions and concerns answered

What to expect:

  • Introduction with our expert

  • Discussion around your needs and challenges

  • Optional: scaling of your marketing analytics maturity

Get meaningful analytics to grow your business.

Build, customize and distribute your analytics & reports

Modern paid digital advertising is full of KPIs, metrics, tactics. It's cumbersome to track everything across the organization and stakeholders. The more complex your digital marketing mix gets, the more important it is to understand it correctly.

Madtrix dashboards enable your analytics and reports from one location to be used, customized, built and shared effortlessly. Let's kick-start your better digital marketing advertising.

Optimize and grow your performance

Paid digital marketing advertising is the go-to medium for modern marketers. It's a great foundation for other additional channels. The tricky part is to understand how your digital marketing advertising campaigns and overall performance are doing.

Madtrix gathers automatically all the data from your connected source systems, stores, unifies and distributes it to the dashboards to give you instant, automated analytics to grow your results and communicate with your stakeholders.


We help our customer with analytics


"We like it how Team Madtrix interacts with us: they are always available, helping us with the solution & they will always listen to our development ideas."

Sophie Allen, Dievision